Adhesive Tapes

MOPI is the place for high-quality adhesive tapes. Buy adhesive tapes for your business needs with the leading tape supplier, manufacturer, and distributor in Singapore. Choose from two options: General and Graphics.

Difference between General and Graphics Adhesive Tapes

General tapes, often referred to as utility or packaging tapes, are primarily designed for everyday tasks such as sealing boxes, packaging, and basic repairs. They have a broad range of applications and are versatile in various settings. At MOPI, our selection of General tapes includes aluminum foil, anti-slip, and cellulose tapes.

Graphic tapes, on the other hand, are specially designed for use in the graphic arts, design, and signage industries. They are intended for applications that require precise and visually appealing results, such as mounting artwork, creating clean lines in designs, or producing signage. Our selection of Graphic tapes includes Self-Adhesive Digital Printing Vinyl Film and Vinyl Laminating Film.

Importance of General Tapes

General adhesive tapes serve a variety of important functions across various industries. Here are some key aspects of their importance:

  • Packaging and Shipping

General tapes are essential for sealing boxes and packages, ensuring that items remain secure during shipping. They prevent the contents from falling out, getting damaged, or being tampered with in transit.

  • Construction and Renovation

In construction and renovation, these tapes are used for tasks such as bundling cables, securing plastic sheeting, or marking off areas for painting. They contribute to the efficiency and safety of these projects.

  • Industrial Applications

General tapes play a crucial role in industrial settings for tasks like bundling materials, marking work areas, or providing basic insulation. They help maintain organization and safety on the factory floor.

  • Labeling and Organization

They are used for labeling boxes, files, and items, making it easier to find and organize belongings. This is especially important in offices, storage facilities, and warehouses.

Importance of Graphics Tape

Graphic adhesive tapes serve a specific and crucial role in various creative and design-related fields. Here’s why graphic tapes are important:

  • Signage and Display

Graphic tapes are frequently used in the creation of signage, banners, and displays. Their ability to maintain clean lines and provide a professional appearance makes them a preferred choice in this context.

  • Artwork and Photography Mounting

Graphic tapes are used to mount artwork, photographs, posters, and other visual materials. They offer a secure and non-permanent method for displaying art, ensuring that the materials are not damaged or altered.

Adhesive Tapes by MOPI

As the leading tape supplier, manufacturer, and distributor in Singapore, our range of adhesive tapes is designed for use across many industries, from automotive to electrical and electronics. Our adhesive tapes possess high seal properties and adhesion strength, in addition to being durable and flexible.


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