Common Packaging Fails Overlooked By Businesses

Common Packaging Fails Overlooked By Businesses

Common Packaging Fails Overlooked By Businesses

Packaging is one of the most overlooked aspects of any business’s operational procedures. Often seen as more of a running cost than an area with room for improvement, many companies tend to overlook some not-so-obvious flaws in their packaging plans.

While often dismissed as a simple affair, how businesses do packaging can affect their performance and sustainability. Although attractive and aesthetically pleasing packaging can make a difference in elevating the profile of a business to consumers, much consideration needs to be given to just how practical current packaging solutions are.

Moving forward, let us look at some common flaws most businesses will likely have regarding packaging solutions.


1. Inefficient packaging

Often overlooked, one of the most glaring flaws in a business’ packaging strategy is the inefficient use of packaging. Over and under-packaging are common consumer gripes when purchasing goods, either over the counter or via E-commerce.

Over-packaging can drive up material costs unnecessarily for products that do not need it. Doing so also causes harm to the environment due to the high amount of non- biodegradable materials still widely used in packaging today.

Under-packaging can cause physical products to become damaged or soiled in transit, making end users on the receiving end unhappy. Insufficiently packaged goods can also cause harm to a business’s reputation, with consumers building the impression that your company uses shoddy shipping practices.


2. Skimping on the wrong aspects

When finding a packaging supplier in Singapore, businesses tend to keep an eye out for cost efficiency for good reason. However, many companies need to pay more attention to the power of good quality packaging products such as strong binding tape and sturdy containers.

Skimping on packaging can cost the business more in the long run in the form of returned or refunded goods damaged in transit, alongside negative customer feedback. When sourcing packaging, a good balance between quality and price must be sought and struck.


3. Balancing form and function

Packaging is often an extension of a business’s products and, hence, a way of communicating brand identity to consumers.

While it may be attractive to hop on the custom packaging bandwagon, consider what your products need in terms of packaging to be shipped and handled safely.

For example, while paper bags are commonplace and give a cozy, retro vibe to the brand identity, they may not stand up so well to long transits and commutes if you happen to be dealing with products that can wear out or tear paper bags during transit.



When it comes to selecting and using packaging effectively, ensuring your packaging solutions are foolproof starts with a good vendor. By ensuring quality materials and the right types of packaging are used in your day-to-day business, you eliminate many flaws and risks that come with using packaging the wrong way.

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