Optimise Packaging: Ways To Cut Costs And Boost Profits

Optimise Packaging: Ways To Cut Costs And Boost Profits

Optimise Packaging: Ways To Cut Costs And Boost Profits

Packaging is a recurring expense in the books of many businesses. Although a relatively small expense, packaging costs can be a source of inefficient spending for your company.

Overpaying for packaging can cause businesses to profit less than they should for several reasons. Increased cost per sale, compromised order fulfilment volume, and returned/refunded goods due to improper packaging are just some of the prices businesses incur when they overlook the importance of optimising their packaging solutions.

For businesses looking for ways to optimise packaging to cut costs and boost profits, here are some proven methods that can help.


1. Reducing packaging weight

Every business wants their products to arrive safely and withstand long transits and deliveries. While it can be attractive to protect every single product shipped out, packing peanuts and cardboard boxes can make a difference when shipped en masse, resulting in more expensive shipments than due to unoptimised packaging weight.

A few ways to optimise your packaging weight would be to evaluate just how much packaging your specific product classes need. For example, fragile and sensitive electronics can stay in their cardboard boxes, while wires and cables would most likely do fine in a simple opaque plastic envelope.

Replacing packing peanuts and styrofoam moulds with air pillows is also a great way to cut down on packaging costs. By opting for cheaper alternatives where safe, you stand to make good savings on shipping costs and hence boost your profits.


2. Choose the right-size

One of the simplest yet most effective ways to reduce packaging costs is to use the right-sized packaging for each product. Oversized boxes not only result in unnecessary material expenses but also contribute to higher shipping costs due to increased dimensional weight. Implementing a packaging strategy that aligns box sizes with product dimensions can lead to significant savings in both material and shipping expenses.


3. Consider easier packaging assembly options

Have you ever been frustrated trying to fold different types of boxes? More elaborate assembly methods required during the packaging process can cost your business man-hours and affect your output rate. By opting for simpler and more efficient packaging options, you increase the potential for greater profits by enabling your business to ship out more products faster.

This also brings your business the benefit of gaining reputation for speedy fulfilment of orders, making your business a more attractive one to engage than those with slower packing and shipping methods.



When sourcing cost efficient yet quality packaging, it can be confusing to pick a vendor that best suits your business needs.

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